History of our Rohe

Some tribal history of Auckland:

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Our Whanau (groups of classes in our school)  are named after historical places in our neighbourhood. Nga Uri O Nga Iwi have a classroom called Te Hononga O Ngā Wai, The Meeting of the Waters. The waters that meet are Waititiko and Wai o te Ao. They meet at Te Tokoroa…

Learn about the history of our suburb with Whaea Jane’s research:

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Here is an aerial photo and map of our neighbourhood. Aerial means it is taken from the sky looking down.

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MAUNGA (Auckland Volcanoes)

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Owairaka (Mt Albert)

Owairaka Mt Albert Heritage Brochure

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Owairaka is named after a woman called Wairaka who lived there. She was very important. When she stamped her foot, water game out of the grounf. This spring, or puna, is known as Te Wai Unuroa o Wairaka (The long drink of Wairaka). This puna, or spring, is at the Unitec.

A lava cave at Owairaka is named Te Ara Tomo o Ruarangi after the chief Ruarangi. He tried to run away from the pa through the cave but got stuck as he was too big to fit through the opening! His brother Ohomatakamokamo was chasing him. They’d been fighting over Rarotonga (Mt Smart.) Ruarangi escaped and Ohomatakamokamo stayed behind.

Maungawhau (Mt Eden)

Maungawhau was an important Waiohua pa site inhabited by an important chief called Huakaiwaka, who was an ancestor of Waiohua and grandfather of Kiwi Tamaki. It was an important pa and garden site. A pa is a village or a fort.

Maungawhau was a tapu (sacred) place. Te Tuahu o Huakaiwaka is a sacred area on Maungawhau used for special events. Sacred means it was used for a religious reason because of peoples’ beliefs.

The main crater of Maungawhau is known as Te Ipu a Mataaoho (the food bowl of Mataaoho). The story is that Mataaoho, the giant god of volcanoes, came to rest here. Mataaoho found Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland) too cold and warmed it up by creating volcanoes. The volcanic craters in Southern Tāmaki Makaurau are known as Nga Tapuwae o Mataaoho (the footprints of Mataaoho.)

mt eden

Te Tātua A Riukiuta (Three Kings)

Ruikiuta, a Tainui crew member is a tupuna (ancestor- someone even older than great great grandparents) of Ngāti Tamaoho. He lived at Three Kings and married people from tribes from the three waka, Te Arawa, Tainui and Ngati Awa.

Here is a list of all the waka that are in Maori history. Maori people remember their history and their waka are important because it shows who their ancestors are and where they come from.



Harbours and Wetlands in Auckland

WaiaMotions Creek is in the centre at the left and Meola Creek is at the right

Wai a te ao, Motions Creek is in the centre at the left and Meola Creek, Waititiko, is at the right

Wai a te Ao: Ao’s Creek (Motions Creek)

motions creek

Check out this information from Newton School’s Project:

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Te Waiorea (The Waters of the Eel)

motions creek weir

Waititiko (Meola Creek)



Te Tokaroa (Meola Reef)

The Story of Te Tokaroa


In the centre is Te Tokaroa, Meola Reef. On the left is Motions Creek, Wai a Te Ao. On the right is Meola Creek, Waititiko.

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Waitemata: The Harbour

waitemata harbour




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