Digital Shared Reading


Rongoā Māori- JJ48 2014
Poi -L2 Nov 2014
Tohunga L3 Nov2014

Piri and the Tekoteko

The Ringawera


Tui-JJ49 2014
Kākano-JJ50 Feb 2015
Otautahi Octopoem- Nov 2014

Morning on the marae

Pōhā A Clever Way of Storing Food- Sept 2014

Hakaraia L4 May 2015

Mahinga Kai Crusaders L3 Sept 2014

Ngā Pakanga o Aotearoa L4 Nov 2014

Not Just A House

Patterns In Wood

Patterns in Wood

Building a Wharenui

Teachers Support: Building a Wharenui 

Te Manu Tukutuku

Manu Tukutuku


Toku Marae

Toku Marae

Toku Wharenui

Tōku Wharenui

Te Hongi

Te Hongi



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