Professional Readings

This page contains links to research papers on Kaupapa Maori and other papers discussing bilingual teaching and integration of treaty principals as well as reviews of Treaty Units.

Resource Packs with detailed information

Tangata Tiriti workbook

Treaty of Waitangi resource Pack

Kaupapa Maori

Matauranga: Kaupapa Maori  Published and unpublished thesis papers on initiatives

Literature Review on Kaupapa Maori Principles and Practices

Literature Review on Kaupapa Maori and Maori Education Pedagogy

Bilingual Education

Bilingual Education NZ

Bilingual Education on Education Counts: Indicators of Good Practice

Bilingual Education in Aotearoa (Education Counts)

A Way Forward for Te Reo in English-Medium Education

Are we there yet? Biculturalism in NZ Mainstream Schools

Education Research

OECD review on Evaluation and Assessment Frameworks for Improving School Outcomes

Productive Partnerships Research and Evaluation

Treaty of Waitangi Research

TKI Curriculum Conversations

NZ Curriculum Update: Treaty of Waitangi Principle

Treaty of Waitangi Principle in Action

Example of a unit review (focusing on changing how we are teaching, not what. Work in progress.)

How Treaty of Waitangi is approached by Ministry of Education

Curriculum Integration as Treaty Praxis


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