Treaty Settlements

Learn about how the Waitangi Tribunal helps sort out the problems that happened after the Treaty was signed.

  • Lawyers read through all the evidence (facts or true things that people know happened)
  • There is a lot of proof that laws were changed unfairly
  • There is evidence that land was bought unfairly
  • When the tribunal has seen all the evidence they make a recommendation (an idea about what should be done to make it better)


  • A recommendation does not force the government to do what they say but it lets the government know that the people were treated badly
  • The government apologises to the people who were wronged and sometimes they get some land back, or money, or the government makes sure people can rebuild their culture
  • Some people don’t like settlements because the stories in the news don’t show all the evidence and people don’t understand the whole story

The Waitangi Tribunal Process on Te Ara:

confiscated land


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