Te Tiriti- The Treaty

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treaty 2 u

Learn about the Treaty at Te Ara

Te tiriti te ara

The Treaty of Waitangi was mostly signed on February 6th 1840. Hobson came in to Waitangi and signed the Maori document, and most Maori chiefs signed the Maori version.

The Maori version was different to the English version. Hobson didn’t know that it was so different and the people translating the treaty didn’t explain that both documents were so different.

The Treaty was sent back to England and people thought New Zealand was now a colony, but that was not what Maori people agreed on.

The Treaty was supposed to be added onto the Declaration of Independence. Maori thought it meant that the Governor General could sit at the meetings with chiefs and control his people in New Zealand. They thought Maori were still in charge of Maori and New Zealand but they needed someone to look after the Europeans.

There were less Europeans than Maori in New Zealand and Maori were very good at trading so Europeans needed Maori more than Maori needed Europeans.


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