Pukapuka hou!

Our librarian, Jo, has just welcomed a whole new set of books in te reo maori to our library!

Do some of these covers look familiar?

Well loved authors such as Gavin Bishop and Joy Cowley are translated into te reo maori. You and your family can get these books out and enjoy reading them at home- or maybe your kaiako will take it for your akomanga?

The new books are:

Te popi whero, na David Hill
Purini Rango, na Joy Cowley
Taea nga whetu, na Dawn McMillan
Ko Meru, na Kyle Mewburn
Kia Heke te po, na Julia Crouth
Bidibidi, na Gavin Bishop

Head into our library to find these books in our te reo section. Keep an eye out for more coming soon!