Kotahi te rakau: There is one tree

In this lesson we are learning maths language. There’s a dictionary for pangarau!

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We are using this lesson from TKI.

E hia ngā rākau? How many trees are there?
Kotahi te rākau. There is one tree.
E hia ngā ipu? How many bowls are there?
E rua ngā ipu. There are two bowls.
E hia ngā pea? How many pears are there?
E toru ngā pea. There are three pears.
E hia ngā kau? How many cows are there?
E whā ngā kau. There are four cows.
E hia ngā hēki? How many eggs are there?
E rima ngā hēki. There are five eggs.
E hia ngā pōtae? How many hats are there?
E ono ngā pōtae. There are six hats.

Get the kids to colour in Resource sheet 1F Kotahi te rākau  as they count.

Times tables: Kapai Group have made these flash cards in te reo Maori

0x0_5 times 3_a

0x0_5 times 3_b

Multiplication hand game in te reo : TimesTablesPracticeMaori

Online games and practice


Basic Facts Skills

Multiple Matrix- learning times tables

Multiple Matrix- learning times tables


E Ako is also in English, as are the Wicked Interactives above. E Ako is better in that it is a proper maths website in NZ that you can register your child with. You can sit with them, watch tutorials, do activities and help them do their maths. The site looks like this in English. As you can see there are a range of options for learning. It reads out questions as well.

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Te Whanake

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Multiplication Maths Guide

Here is a maths guide for parents who want to help with maths. If you would like to borrow some maths resources, Learning Studio 3 is opening a maths library. Come and see us!