Zones of Regulation: Ngā Takiwā kāre-ā-roto

Te Rehu, Westmere School, has been learning about emotional regulation. The Zones of Regulation is a book that can be used at school, kura, or at home, kainga. It can help us to talk about our feelings and manage our emotions so that we can get on better with others and get more out of our learning.

There is plenty of opportunity to link this to te reo Maori.


Nga Tau: The Colours

Blue Zone|Kikorangi

This is where we have low energy.


Green Zone|Kakariki
This is where we are ready to learn


Yellow Zone|Kowhai
This is where we are losing control


Red Zone|Whero
This is where we are out of control


Kei te Pehea Koe?

This is a level 1 te reo lesson.

It links into a song:

We have a PDF file of emotions for you that are bilingual so you can learn te reo Maori and te reo pakeha but they are not sorted into colours and the macrons are missing:

te reo maori zones draft

The first step of the Zones of Regulation is to learn about feelings and to group them in colours. If you want to find out more, there is a book available and some apps from Google Play or the Apple App store. You can find it all at this site:


Many thanks to Laura and Te Mete from Nga Uri o Nga Iwi for sharing their resources with us.