Taonga/ Family Treasures

A lot of people come to live in New Zealand from different countries. We often have treasures from other cultures. What treasures does your family have? Why are they special? They might have been owned by special people. They might be valuable or very old. Some family treasures are information- what we know about our history and our family trees.







Patai about te Tiriti o Waitangi

Here are our questions about the Treaty of Waitangi

Ruma Wha (Rm 4) Vashti

What skin was the Treaty made from?
Who signed it- Male/Female/both?
What Rangitiratanga/chiefs signed it?
How many people signed? Same amount of Maori as Pakeha?
Why did they sign it?
Where was it signed?
What part of Aotearoa or Iwi were the chiefs from?
What were the chiefs’ names?
Why didn’t some chiefs sign?
How many countries were protesting?
What did they use to sign it?