Te Wiki o te reo Maori: 2017!

This year Westmere has had a marvellous run at different language weeks. Thanks to Whaea Toru and Whaea Jane we have had exciting assemblies and songs to sing. This week, it’s Maori Language Week!

You can find resources here: Te Taura Whiri Resources

Here is our slideshow incorporating some of the ideas from those resources. You can click on a picture to go to the website that explains how to say the words!

Also released this week, a brand new book by Scotty and Stacey Morrison! Māori at Home will give you heaps of ideas and phrases to use. You can find where to buy it here

Here is a sheet by Aotearoa Creative showing how to email in te reo Māori!

email in te reo maori.jpg



Tongan Language Week is here!

Malo! This week we celebrate the language of Tonga.

TLW Poster 2017

The Theme for this is enriching New Zealand with family values. Family is a huge part of Tongan culture!

Here is our slideshow for the week:

Our school assembly will be singing Mali Mali Mai! A traditional Tongan song.