EdVenture: Learning with Core Education


Today Whaea Rachel (Wai Rua), Whaea Toru and Vashti (Mainstream) attended a course on integrating ipapa (ipads) and rorohiko (computers) into classrooms to flip classrooms and get language acquisition flying.

Here’s the basic message:

To acquire language and make it sticky use

We’ve been learning how to use apps to apply flipped classrooms (where children learn at their pace) and to apply the best language acquisition teaching. This is relevant for both mainstream and immersion/bilingual classes.

If you check out the links on the right, you’ll see a range of new links. Puna Kupu is a word spring. There are a range of links to dictionaries and even an exciting way of checking whether those words should have a macron or not. Now we have no excuses for not finding the words if we need to! We also have links to some paetukutuku or websites that have a strong maori focus to support us on our journey.

We’d like to thank Core Education for setting us on an exciting journey with te reo maori and flipped classrooms. Check out their EdTalks for inspiring talks about education. The Maori channel Matapaki features Maori educators leading the way for the aspirations of te tiriti o waitangi to be realised.


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